Take your garage organization to new heights with overhead storage.

Autobox offers functional and sleek overhead storage solutions so that your garage doesn’t become too crowded. Keep items safely stored while maximizing the size of your garage space.


How can an overhead storage system benefit you?

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Additional floor space

An overhead storage system clears up floor space so you can move freely around your garage, or use it as a space to entertain.

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Additional storage space

Utilizing all areas of your garage is the best way to keep things clean and organized. Instead of relying solely on wall storage or cabinets, overhead storage allows you to keep things spread out and less cluttered.

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Protection from damage

Overhead storage protects valuable items from common garage issues such as flooding, chemical spills, or pests. Keep your belongings safe and dry.

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Keep items out of reach from children or pets

If you have children or pets, then you know that they sometimes get into things. Garages are often filled with dangerous items like power tools, chemicals, and garden equipment. Keep these items away from little hands and paws.

Strong and durable

Overhead storage is exceptionally strong, and will keep items safely stored for years, while also protecting your family and visitors.

Professionally installed

Autobox specialists will install your overhead storage and make sure that it is safe, secure, and easy to use.


Overhead storage for all of your organizational needs

Designing a garage is personal, and you want a design that is functional and stylish, while accommodating your needs.

Our storage options are customizable so that you can design a space that works for you, without limitations.


Safe, reliable installation by Autobox experts

When dealing with overhead storage, you want to make sure that everything is done safely and properly. At Autobox, we guarantee quality installation while ensuring that everything is up to safety standards. When it comes to garage storage, our specialists know best.