Maximize your space with functional wall storage.

At Autobox, we understand how important it is that your garage not only looks good, but that it’s fully functional. Wall storage allows you to take your garage’s organization to the next level, keeping everything off the floor and within reach.


How can a wall storage system benefit you?

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Free up floor space

Every inch of your garage is valuable space. Wall storage allows you to keep things off of the floor, away from your vehicles, and any potential damage.

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Stylish and organized

With our wall storage solutions everything has a place. Keep your garage looking clean and organized all year long.

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Customizable to your needs

Depending on your needs, we have a storage solution for you. Choose the colours and sizes that fit with your garage aesthetic.

Keep dangerous equipment in a safe place

Garages often contain dangerous equipment like power tools, saws, and garden tools. Keep everything up and away from children or pets.

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Increased visibility

No more digging around in boxes on the ground. With items stored at eye-level, you can easily see what you have and find the things you’re looking for.

Professionally installed

Our wall storage system is professionally installed by a team of first-class garage experts.


Customizable wall storage solutions to meet your unique needs

All of our storage options are completely customizable so that you can build a garage that works for you and your needs.

Whether you’re looking to create a functional workshop, a place to build and create new things, an organizational storage space for home overflow, or simply a place to hang out and relax – Autobox’s storage solutions can help.

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Product Specifications
Installation OptionsOver drywall or in place of drywall
Easy to install (or Autobox can install for you!)
MaterialMade from sturdy PVC
Load Capacity100lb per square foot load capacity
Resistance Water and moisture resistant
AccessoriesFull range of hooks and accessories to meet every application
InventoryExtensive inventory of panels, hooks and accessories in stock

You choose it, we install it

With Autobox, installation is a breeze. Our team of skilled professionals know their way around a garage, and have an exceptional eye for detail. Everything will be done to your exact specifications.